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"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie."
"If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space."
-Stephen Hunt (via observando)
"Our life is vast. It does not stop at the limits of what we personally experience. It is not something concrete or bounded. I do not think it is valid to view our life as limited to just ourselves — as if our human life extended only as far as our own body. Rather, we can see that a life extends out in all directions, like a net. We throw a net, and it expands outward. Just like that, our life extends to touch many other lives. Our life can reach out and become a pervasive part of everyone’s life."
-17th Karmapa (via thetaooflife)
"you have
parts of me
that will
always be
yours —
even if
you don’t
want them."
-Kei, why missing you gets under my skin (via cavum)